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Evaluate, design, develop and support modern cloud applications to the latest innovation to create more agile, secure, and intelligent applications.  . 

We aim to enable our customers to migrate faster, enhance their digital experiences and optimize business outcomes.


Move applications to the cloud and save up to 50% savings on the speed, scale, and innovation in the cloud


TridentClouds, the consulting and business process services, now has a dedicated practice focused on Microsoft Azure,  Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Data Discovery Platform (DDP) is available on GCP. The Data Discovery Platform accelerates insight-driven decision making through pre-built applications for specific industries such as banking and financial services, retail, energy, education, and manufacturing. The platform has 70+ use cases that address industry-specific key performance indicators.In order to accelerate Google Cloud adoption across enterprises at scale, TridentClouds Studio and Enterprise Digital Operations Centre have been integrated with Velostrata, Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) and other Google Cloud services to bring a DevOps-oriented pipeline approach to industrialized cloud migration. 

We aim to enable our customers to migrate faster, enhance their digital experiences and optimize business outcomes.”   

We endeavour to be the best cloud migration company and to run a profitable and efficient business.   Our cloud services and the business of doing business site


Our leading business analysis consulting services can help you gain value added to your business, assuring the capability to expand easily, run a profitable business and stay in business for generations.   

 Our products/services offer(s) our knowledge and experience in networking, telecommunications, software development; private health care and health labs give a broad window of skills and experience.   And we thrive in making human-technology-business-matchmaking a success.

We specialize in serving small and medium sized businesses in Canada and the US. Our business analyst and consultants are the most talented in the industry and will provide you with a "PLAN" for Profitability, Legacy estate planning, Asset protection, Numerous expose burden of tax issues . Similar to a coach of a sports team or a top trainer our Senior business analyst and consultants will assist you to become the best your can be they will train you on the Business of running a business which is entirely different than the business your provide to your clients. 

We will only engage --once you (the Customer) accepts that you need HELP on you business we will engage in the PLAN process. We will train and guide you towards successful profitability and be there for you as long as you need us as part of your team. We will work and train you ON-SITE to make the necessary Changes (Finance, Organization , Human resources, Process, Sales mix analysis) that will enable you to join the ranks of the best managed companies in Business es today in America and Canada. 


We offer the combination of expertise and unsurpassed technology resources to keep you ahead. 

 Our policy is we do not engage until our senior business analyst performs an analyst on your business.. Our business analyst has performed hundreds of on-site company analyst in the bast. The analyst discover, determine how to solve and prioritize that that can provide the business owner a a significant Return on Investment in a short time. 

 Many business owners, board of directors, engage our analytical services for a checkup the same reasons why you visit a dentist. During our examination we evaluate all the components of the clients business and set a PLAN.  

Your Competitor have achieved a 10% reduction in customer loss Since they moved to the cloud, don't miss out


We use the most advanced technology to deliver business mission critical, essential, and innovated solutions.  We serve all levels of government and private corporations.

Find out how you can reduce down time by 20%


We focus on the business of running your business so that you are profitable and we do not only focus on Information technology



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