1 Consultation

 Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance

Track and communicate key metrics like pressure, vibration, temperature, humidity, and voltage of numerous machines and equipment across the whole industrial complex.  Proactively predict impending issues and schedule demand-based inspection and reparation.

Environmental Monitoring

Remotely monitor and control optimal environments for various, factory-wide processes. Maintain ideal air pressure to prevent dust infiltration, set optimal humidity levels or monitor the temperature of processing and storage facilities to ensures product safety.

Remote Surveillance of Storage Tanks & Pipelines

Monitor the structural health of widely distributed tanks and pipelines round the clock, while decreasing manual checks. Identify potential spills, leaks or ruptures to avoid disasters and receive notifications on material tank levels for timely refills.

Worker Safety Wearables 

Track workers' health and the environment in real-time such as temperature, humidity, radiation, noise and gas levels. Notify managers of fatigue, exhaustion, and “out-of-tolerance” incidents and ensure workers receive timely warnings of potential hazards. Trigger alarms when environments become dangerous and execute timely evacuation and rescue activities.

Power Consumption Reporting

Enable seamless multi-level energy consumption tracking from plant to, process unit to machinery-level. Analyze energy flows, consumption patterns, and usage behavior across multiple sites for effective production planning, identifying power waste sources and improving energy efficiency.

Plant Facility Management

Monitor the battery, health or “alive” status of critical plant facilities like elevators, smoke detectors, fire alarms and other facilities across the entire factory. Cut downtime spent on manual inspection and quickly respond to any incurred issues.

2. Design

  • Custom building maintenance
  • Smart integration
  • Provide a warm, dry and safe home & Business - monitoring
  • Boat and Equipment security
  • Point-to-point Connections
  • Managed Network operations
  • Long-range wireless connectivity
  • End-to-end solutions for long large scale LoRa WAN neworks

3. Installation and Support

Solutions Summary

  • Smart Metering
  • Environmental
  • UtilitiesOil & Gas
  • Manufacturing
  • Farming & Agriculture  
  • Air Quality & Environment 
  • Monitoring  
  • Last-mile telecom
  • Wide-Area
  • Quality of life
  • Long-Range
  • Low-Cost